A Letter to God’s People of the Northwestern Minnesota Synod, ELCA

January 1, 2018

Festival of the Name of Jesus


Dear Servants of Christ,

Greetings as we begin this New Year of God’s grace. May 2018 bring you abundant joy, renewed hope in Christ, and rich opportunities to serve God’s mission in the world!

Today I am pleased to announce some wonderful news. A generous donor who belongs to one of our synod’s congregations has stepped forward to offer an exciting matching gift challenge to all of us during 2018.

In gratitude for God’s many blessings in his life, the donor wishes to offer a dollar for dollar match for all gifts given by congregations, organizations or individuals to

  • the Northwestern Minnesota Synod Fund for Leaders Endowment (to provide scholarships for ELCA seminary students from our synod), and/or
  • the Northwestern Minnesota Synod Next Generation Fund (to provide grants for educational debt relief to pastors and deacons serving their first calls in our synod).

This matching gift challenge will apply to all contributions to these two funds that are mailed to the synod office between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018.

In addition to helping us address our need for more “homegrown” pastors and deacons in northwestern Minnesota, all gifts to the synod’s Fund for Leaders Endowment also count toward our synod’s $4.75 million goal for the Campaign for the ELCA. (Gifts to the Next Generation Fund do not count toward the ELCA Campaign.)

Our friendly donor hopes that his dollar for dollar matching gifts will inspire and motivate us all to “shoot the moon” in contributing to these two funds, so that the cost of theological education for ministry will not hamper anyone from answering God’s call to serve.

Please share this letter with your congregational council and fellow church members, and be on the lookout for additional information and promotional materials to help you and others response to this challenge during 2018. God bless your faithful generosity!

In Christ,

Lawrence R. Wohlrabe
Bishop, Northwestern Minnesota Synod
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
God’s work. Our hands.