A Time to be Re-Rooting in God’s Mission?

There are times in ministry when we feel stuck and wonder what’s next. Or wonder what God might be calling us to do and be. How do we get out from under the rut of “we’ve always done it this way? Have you ever wondered how to navigate change, not always knowing what the next step is let alone hot to get there and beyond?

Perhaps you’re already engaging these questions and realities. If so, maybe it would be relevant and timely to consider entering our synod’s intentional renewal process called “Re-rooting for God’s Mission” guided by Pastor Keith Zeh, our Director of Evangelical Mission, and our Synod Renewal Team.

This process is designed to open up pastors and congregations to see how God is already at work in the congregation and the community, as well as challenges us to see how God might be calling us to re-root in the community. It is a process that encourages dreaming, risk taking, and goal setting. It is a process that invites creativity and out of the box thinking.

Look at the attached Re-Rooting in God’s Mission brochure, draft agenda for Saturday, April 1st training day, covenant and suggestions for forming congregational team. Also attached is our ELCA’s Quick Check Congregation Vitality Survey that could be used to help you determine the whether this renewal process would be relevant and timely.

If you have questions or would like more information, please don’t hesitate contacting Pastor Keith Zeh by cell 218-790-1764 or by e-mail keith.zeh@elca.org