General Questions

Questions covered…

Who could help our congregation set up its own endowment fund?

We’re concerned about the cost of Portico benefits. Who could help us?

Our council is wondering about visiting with neighboring congregations to discuss ways we could cooperate together more closely. Who could help us with that?

We’re struggling with our financial stewardship. Who in the synod could help us with that?

Someone in our congregation is thinking about becoming a pastor. Who could help this person?

We’ve been in a conflict in our church that’s keeping us from being healthy. Who could help us with that?

We’re interested in having a church council retreat. Are there good leaders available to help us?

Commonly Used Acronyms

Where should I send upcoming events?

Rethinking Conferences

The 2015 Synod Assembly passed a resolution revising the current 10-conference structure to move toward a new structure with 24 clusters of geographically-close congregations and ministry agencies, eight conferences, and an open-ended number of networks defined by common interests and affinities.

Mission Support Questions

Questions covered…

What guides the churchwide expression in its decision regarding mission support?

Sometimes I write a check to ELCA World Hunger or to Lutheran World Relief. Is that the same as mission support?

How does my congregation benefit from mission support?

Is mission support different from my weekly offering?

So mission support does more than fund the work of ELCA missionaries in other countries?

What is mission support?

Designating Mission Support or Offerings.

Church Policy Questions

Questions covered…

Congregational Declaration Regarding Churchwide Actions

Rostered Leader Dual Membership

Congregational Dual Membership

Constitutional Process for Considering Church Affiliation

Disaffiliation from the ELCA

If we close our congregation, what happens to church properties?

Questions about the 2009 Sexuality Social Statement

Questions covered…

Reflections on Leaving the ELCA

Withholding or Redirecting Mission Support

About Bound Conscience

Questions covered…

Is this matter of conscience so central that it determines whether one is saved?

Can conscience be wrong?

But still, couldn’t anyone just declare themselves to be conscience-bound about anything?

So, is this all about each of us asserting our own conscience-bound understanding?

What did the 2005 report state?

But how does it apply to the debate about same-gender relationships?

Where could I find references to the idea of bound conscience?

Is “bound conscience” in the Bible?

What is meant, then, by “conscience?”

How is conscience defined?

Why do ideas of conscience and bound conscience seem so unfamiliar?