Synod Leadership

NWMN Synod Staff

The Synod Staff works with, educates, coordinates, and encourages NWMN congregations and lay and rostered leaders.

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Synod Council

The Synod Council consists of the four officers of the synod, 10 to 24 other members, and at least one youth shall be elected by the Synod Assembly. They act as the board of directors of this synod and serve as its interim legislative authority between meetings of the Synod Assembly.

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Boards, Committees, and Mission Tables

Committees are constitutionally-designated groups that tend specific assignments within the corporate life of the synod as defined in the synod’s constitution, bylaws and continuing resolutions.

Tables foster ongoing conversations around various aspects of how this synod serves God’s mission. They are oriented toward producing and implementing mission action plans resulting from imaginative missional conversations with congregations, parishes and conferences in a fluid manner with tablemates who “come and go” over time.

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Conference Deans

The conference deans assist the bishop with providing pastoral care and leadership to the congregations and rostered personnel of the synod.

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