Faith Practices Table

The Faith Practices Table of our Northwestern MN Synod is an occasional gathering of folks (can be clergy or lay, although it has typically been heavily clergy) who gather around the topic of faith practices. While the nature of the meetings is determined by those who show up, a typical pattern has turned out to be a time of checking in with each other followed by a time of actually doing together a faith practice such as silent prayer or other contemplative prayer practice (such as lectio divina or examen) and then spending time paying attention to ministry and mission in our own settings and the synod and engaging in conversation about mission and ministry through the lens of faith practices.

Special attention is paid to encouragement of faith practices in our synod and its congregations and paying attention to our life and mission together as a synod from a contemplative faith practice point of view. Occasionally the faith practices table acts as one advisory group providing input for programs and activities in the synod and occasionally programs such as introduction to prayer practices or topics related to spiritual leadership are offered by this Faith Practices Table of the Synod.