Lutheran Men in Mission Table


Lutheran Men in Mission Table has being been built in our synod. Men from around the synod who share a passion and appreciation for men’s ministry pull up a chair periodically around this table.

What is a Table?

There are other mission tables within our synod that are convening alongside our synod’s boards and committees. Boards & Committees (including synod council) are constitutionally-designated groups that tend specific assignments within the corporate life of the synod as defined in the synod’s constitution, bylaws and continuing resolutions.

Tables are cadres of folks who foster ongoing conversations around various aspects of how this synod serves God’s mission. They are oriented toward producing and implementing mission action plans resulting from imaginative and prayerful conversations with congregations, parishes and conferences in a fluid manner with tablemates who “come and go” over time.

What does the LMM Table do?

Our synod’s Lutheran Men in Mission Table will focus on men’s ministry in our synod – how we might imaginatively and purposefully bless, strengthen and multiply men’s ministry throughout out the synod.  This table would also network and connect with ELCA’s Lutheran Men in Mission organization.  Pull up a chair and join in the discussion!

More Information:

Contact Pastor Keith Zeh, Director for Evangelical Mission, Eastern North Dakota and Northwestern Minnesota Synods