Mission Interpretation Table

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Mission-Interpretation-Table-600x218The synod is looking for more than 70 people who are interested in being a mission interpreter. Interpreters sit down with congregation councils for 30-minute conversations. Some mission interpreters might also be asked to lead open forums in churches on ELCA/synod ministries.
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What is a Mission Interpreter?

Short Answer: A mission interpreter is a follower of Jesus Christ whom God calls and equips to draw attention to what God is doing in the world and in the church. A mission interpreter expresses gratitude, tells what is happening, and invites participation in God’s mission.

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About the Table

Purpose: Share stories with each other about how we make a difference in the lives of others through our giving. Goals: 

  • Listening, learning and sharing from the stories we hear and tell about what God is doing in, with and through us as church together in our ELCA.
  • Providing opportunities for people to grow in faith as followers of Jesus Christ as we listen and share stores in ways that help us to grow in awareness and understanding of our many ministries and the mission we have together.
  • Recognizing and highlighting ministries in our congregations, synod and throughout our whole ELCA church body.
  • Encouraging and facilitating growth in giving by individuals and congregations to support all the ministries we do together.
  • Identifying, training and support of Mission Interpreters throughout the synod and in our congregations.


  • Develop and support a network of coordinators and interpreters to facilitate listening and sharing of ministry stories and information;
  • Support and coordinate efforts with local rostered leaders and Synod ministries, including especially the Mission Opportunity Stewardship Table (MOST) of this synod;
  • Increase awareness of the ministries we share through Congregational, Conference and Synod communication vehicles, events and congregations;
  • Pray and Listen for the Spirits guidance in this interpretive Ministry;
  • Use of a gracious pattern of Thank, Listen, Share, Inform, Inspire and Invite.

Benefits to Congregations: 

  • Connecting people to ministry beyond their walls in ways that encourage their growth in faith and inspires their sense of God’s great and broad mission in the world;
  • Connecting people to brothers and sisters in Christ beyond the walls of their church and the boundaries of their community in ways that are both humbling and encouraging;
  • Individuals and congregations caught up in an exciting vision and concrete practices of expansive generosity and mission.

Our Task Force Members

mission-table-inspireThe following folks from around our synod gathered and prayed and had good conversation together about how to better share the really good news of the mission we are doing together and can do together as the whole Evangelical Lutheran Church in all of our expressions and locations. They decided they are so passionate about this ministry of Mission Interpretation that they want to contribute their gifts, time and energy in doing all they can as part of a new Mission Interpretation Task Force.

Becky Cusey Our Saviors Lutheran Church, Moorhead MN (Mission Interpretation Coordinator for the NWMN Synod) 

Bob Pinetree Northern Forest Lutheran Church, Lake Town, MN

Jill Sugarbeet Valley Lutheran Church, See Forever, MN

This gifted and energetic group of folks is already off and running with all kinds of exciting ideas for inviting others to be in on sharing this story of sharing the good news of how God is using us all, as interconnected parts of the body of Christ all over this church, to make a difference. Look for them to invite your ideas and participation as well. They want as many people as possible to get in on the story telling and celebration of all we are doing in this great church to be God’s hands and feet and voices in doing God’s work of transforming lives through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

For more details, contact Pastor Keith Zeh, Director for Evangelical Mission, Eastern North Dakota and Northwestern Minnesota Synods

ELCA Evangelical Outreach and Congregational Mission

mission-table-new-building-300x126 (1)The development of new congregations is a high priority in the ELCA. Local leaders in Synods envision and plan strategies to develop healthy and evangelizing congregations. EOCM connects, engages and accompanies these leaders in their role of making new disciples for Jesus Christ, who use their gifts for God’s kingdom in the church and in the world.
Learn more about the ELCA Outreach Mission

For more details, contact Pastor Keith Zeh, Director for Evangelical Mission, Eastern North Dakota and Northwestern Minnesota Synods