New and Renewing Mission Table

New-and-Renewing-Mission-Table-2The New and Renewing Mission Table is an open group of passionate Jesus followers who gather periodically to:

  • Discover places in our synod where God’s Spirit is moving and seek ways to join in God’s work.
  • Cultivate missional imagination within the synod, and translate that imagination into action.
  • Be formed and reformed by those pulling up a chair and joining in the work.
  • Be encouragers for congregations who have begun an intentional renewal process, and to share information and resources that are available (e.g. grants, online and/or print media or human resources including coaching and leadership equipping).
  • Provide renewal opportunities for congregations in the synod who seek to re-root in their identity as God’s people and God’s mission field
  • Plant new churches for those without a faith community
  • Seek “putting a spade in the ground” of a missional “test plot” (spark small missional experiments within the synod using an action reflection research model).
  • Celebrate the successes and learn from failures within the synod.

There are other chairs at this table. Pull up your chair and join us.

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