Stewards Table

The Stewards Table is a group of people with interests, gifts and passion in the area of stewardship who regularly gather to have conversation and set into motion activity in this synod in relation to their purpose to develop and nurture a liberating culture of stewardship within congregations by creating opportunities to wonder about, discover, engage, practice, and deepen the understanding of how to live the live the best life as Christian stewards of God’s great gifts.

The Stewards Table can assist congregations in their stewardship practices through learning events, consultations, and by developing stewardship communicators.

We also wish to share ideas, resources, and practices to assist communities of faith and followers of Jesus within those communities of faith to deepen their joy in discipleship through practices of good stewardship of all of God’s gifts so that all may have life and have life abundantly.


If your congregation is interested in any of these services or resources, or just want more information, contact Rev. Paul J. Erdal, Assistant to the Bishop for Stewardship at 218-299-3019 or