All Resources For Congregations

Resources, documents, and forms for congregations and local church organizations.

Active Records Management

Preserve your history! Congregations are the sole owners of their records and, therefore, the preservation of these records must be addressed properly. As you set about preserving information for future reference, plan for the entire life cycle of the records you are creating.

Administration Matters

Administration Matters addresses common, practical issues including finance, governance, risk management, tax, legal concerns and other topics of interest about day-to-day operations and management in church settings.

Annual Congregation Information Report

Please report the leadership in your congregation by filling out this form.

Annual Meeting Resources, Reports, and Forms

Documents and tips to help your annual meeting run smoothly. Also included are reports for your congregation to fill out and send to the Synod Office following decisions made at your annual meeting.

Augsburg Fortress

As the ministry of publishing for the ELCA, we are dedicated to serving you with top quality Christian materials that communicate the Gospel, enhance faith, and enrich the life of the Church and the communities it serves.

Background Checks

Information and forms for congregations related to background checks.

Baptismal Investments

A Way for Congregations to Commemorate Baptisms

Best Practices for Stewardship Consultations

Consultations for congregations wishing to gather for tips and planning time for their Fall Financial Stewardship emphasis are available through the Synod Office.

Board of Pension Forms

On the link below will find many of the forms you may need to manage your Portico (ELCA Board of Pensions) benefits, including: End of Call Form, Change of Call Form, and BOP Application for membership.

Bridgebuilder Ministry

Bridgebuilder is a process developed by Peter Steinke to aid congregations who are feeling stuck. Through the consultation process the congregational leadership usually identifies three to five significant issues facing the congregation. These are issues which, if unaddressed, might stand in the way of the mission and ministry of the congregation being fully realized.