Bridgebuilder Ministry

Connecting People for Mission and Ministry

The effort is not to change others, but to change self in relationship to others.
Michael Kerr

bridgebuildersBridgebuilder is a process developed by Peter Steinke to aid congregations who are feeling stuck. Through the consultation process the congregational leadership usually identifies three to five significant issues facing the congregation. These are issues which, if unaddressed, might stand in the way of the mission and ministry of the congregation being fully realized.

This is not a time of focusing on weaknesses, but rather on looking at opportunities for the congregation to move forward. Once the issues are identified, the congregation serves as its own expert in developing a plan of action to address the issues allowing the congregation to move forward in mission.

The purpose of the Bridgebuilder ministry is designed to lead a congregation

  • From a focus on weakness to strength
  • From a position of “stuckness” to adaptation
  • From anxiety to clarity
  • From problem to challenge
  • From condition to response
  • From confusion to options
  • From reactivity to self-regulation

There are several individuals from throughout the synod who have been trained to serve as consultants in congregations leading the congregation through the process. There is a cost to the congregation for Bridgebuilders.

More information:

If you think that Bridgebuilders is a process that might help your congregation, please notify Laurie Natwick at the Synod Office for more details.