Claimed, Gathered, Sent: A Guide for Conversation

About This Guide

Claimed, Gathered, Sent: A Guide For Conversation includes this leader guide and five handouts, each outlining a process for conversation. The first four handouts focus on one of the emphases Presiding Bishop Eaton has identified for the ELCA:

  • We are church.
  • We are Lutheran.
  • We are church together.
  • We are church for the sake of the world.

The fifth session turns to the ELCA’s relationship with its global and ecumenical partners, particularly The Lutheran World Federation.

The goals of this guide are:

  • To invite reflection, conversation and discernment about what being the church means today.
  • To strengthen the mission and ministry of congregations and the ELCA as a whole by going back to our spiritual roots.

Presiding Bishop Eaton and the sponsoring task force hope that participants will identify issues and questions for further exploration. The experience promises to change you and other conversation participants. For example, these conversations might:

  • Help you grow in your understanding of how being church, Lutheran and together, as well as church for the sake of others, applies to your life and your congregation.
  • Deepen your awareness and appreciation for the ELCA’s relationship with other members of the global church.
  • Foster excitement about your vocations in daily life, your callings to God-centered, neighbor-directed service.
  • Assist you in seeking to live out your callings in daily life more faithfully, perhaps in new arenas.
  • Enable you to envision ways your congregation and other ministry partners worship God, nurture your members and reach out in witness and service to the world.