Hunger Resources for Lent

lent-world-hungerThis Lent, ELCA World Hunger invites you and your congregation to to follow Jesus into the wilderness and to reflect on your own journey into the places of the world where we encounter human need, abuse of power, risk and God’s grace.

You are invited to consider the following resources from ELCA World Hunger to include in your congregations Lenten Journey this year:

Into the Wild

A Lenten Liturgy and Intergenerational Study on Hunger

This Lenten series consists of five liturgies and lessons, each building on themes found in Luke 4:1-21. During the course of the series, your congregation will reflect on baptism, hunger, power, faith and the good news Jesus proclaims to the poor, the oppressed and the captive (Luke 4:18). A key feature of this series is its accessibility for all generations.

40 Days of “Wonderings”

A family discussion guide for Lent

This is a discussion starter resource with the Lenten themes of repentance, suffering (including thinking about those who suffer in our communiites) and Jesus’ death on the cross, even as we hope for the resurrection on Easter in mind. The questions are based on the themes of faith, hope, service, and hunger.

International Lenten Meals

Does your congregation host meals before Lenten services? Enjoy global cuisine while learning about the world and how gifts to ELCA World Hunger are making a difference. Resources including printable table tents, placemats, table prayers, a story, and local recipes are available for the countries of Bolivia, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and several more.

ELCA Wold Hunger Fundraising

img-ELCAMA1245Offering envelopes and piggy banks

Consider setting a goal for raising money for world hunger during lent and use offering envelopes and the use of piggy banks to help. Also be creative and have fun even as you learn and pray together around the important needs of hungry people in our communities and the world.

Lenten Meal Placemats

img-elcama1221Use placemats that educate about world hunger for your Lenten meals. Consider instead of asking for money for the meal, inviting contributions to ELCA World Hunger.

More Resources

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