MissionFuture4KIDZ Baptismal Investment

A Way for Congregations to Commemorate Baptisms

When a child is baptized at your congregation’s font, do you want to…

  • connect the young person to the life of the church?
  • make baptism a warrant for life long ministry?
  • connect the entire family to the mission of the church?
  • support the family as it plans for the young person’s future?
  • teach the young person and family the joys of faithful financial stewardship?

If you answered “yes,” then your congregation will want to become a MissionFuture4KIDZ congregation. In these congregations, each baptized child receives as a gift from the congregation; a MissionFuture4KIDZ investment (minimum $50) in the ELCA Mission Investment Fund. Going forward, the account’s custodian, usually a parent, guardian or other adult, is responsible for the investment. Additions to principal of at least $25 can be made at any time by friends and family members to celebrate Christmas, birthdays, graduations and other milestones in a child’s life. The investment earns interest as the family saves for the child’s future.

When a congregation becomes a MissionFuture4KIDZ congregation exciting things can happen when their congregation gives a MissionFuture4KIDZ invest to every child baptized at its font.

“Pastorally, this amounts to a powerful teaching moment. Usually I watch parents’ wheels turn in their heads in sudden recognition that baptism is actually a warrant for ministry. With this gift, from this day onward, ministry will be accomplished in their child’s name.”
John R. Pederson, a pastor of Augustana
The Lutheran – August 2014

The Mission Investment Fund uses the invested monies to provide low-interest loans to new mission congregations for purchases of land and construction of initial church buildings and loans to established ELCA congregations for relocation, expansion and renovation projects.  Over 700 Mission Investment Fund loans are in effect to Word and Sacrament ministries throughout the United States, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.