Money Meaning and Faith

The Money, Meaning and Faith Event on Oct. 26, 2013 was just the beginning of our synod’s lifting up the resources of Nathan Dungan and his organization Share, Save, Spend. These resources are powerful tools for congregational groups, youth and family ministries, parents and households.


The morning presentation focused on the principles of Money, Meaning and Faith. The PowerPoint presentation slides are available below.

Free Resources

Select Additional Resources Produced or Referred to by Nathan Dungan

Money Sanity Solutions Facilitator Guide

“The goal of Money Sanity Solutions is to get people talking, and doing money in brand-new ways. The DVD and discussion materials will lead you on an important journey toward building healthy money habits. “Although Money Sanity Solutions is designed for families, it can easily be adapted for use by larger groups—in companies, schools, faith communities, book clubs, and many other settings. If you plan to use Money Sanity Solutions in a group, this guide will offer some practical suggestions.“ (

Bible POV

“The BIBLE POV (“point of view”) studies in this PDF help you bring an explicit biblical perspective into your conversations. Each study includes a relevant Bible passage, related questions, and a simple closing prayer. As with the core Money Sanity Solutions materials, once you have established a pattern for your meetings, everyone can take a turn leading the discussion. “These studies are designed for use before “Bring It Home” segment of your Money Sanity Solutions meetings. You could alternatively complete these studies after finishing your main session or at a separate family meeting.” (

In the News

A section of the web site that lists recent articles presented in U.S. and Canadian news and financial media about financial education for both children and adults. Topics range from allowances, inheritance conversations, holiday shopping, helping a jobless friend, etc.

Confronting the Consumer Carnival

Nathan Dungan. “Confronting the Consumer Carnival.” Reflections: A Magazine of Theological and Ethical Inquiry. Spring 2010. 57-59.

Stress in America : Key Findings

American Psychological Association, 2010. Some excerpts from the Key Findings: “Money, work and the economy remain the most oft-cited sources of stress for Americans.” Also, “While the majority of parents don’t think their children are strongly affected by their stress, children report otherwise.”

Books by Nathan Dungan

Money Sanity Solutions Book+DVD

MoneySanitySolutionsPhoto-smlr_webMoney Sanity Solutions: Linking Money + Meaning is designed to get families talking about money by leveraging everyday life experiences. The goal: help everyone in the family develop healthy money habits that are liked to their values. Topics include: budgeting basics, spending with a conscience, learning to earn, savings revolution, gift giving/receiving, etc. The following list is intended to identify the contents of each of the handout/exercise files found in the WORKSHEET_PDF_FILES portion of the Money Sanity Solutions DVD. Most of the handouts are one page long.

  • 01.pdf My Money Temperament
  • 02.pdf Money Temperament in Action
  • 03.pdf My Money Values
  • 04.pdf Needs and Wants
  • 05.pdf Money In, Money Out ≥ Adult Check-in
  • 06.pdf Money In, Money Out ≥ Youth Check-in
  • 07.pdf Money 3-1-1: Getting It Down on Paper
  • 08.pdf Conscience Consumer
  • 09.pdf Why Did I Buy?
  • 10.pdf Volunteer Activity Chart
  • 11.pdf Entrepreneurial Opportunities
  • 12.pdf Planning a Family Vacation
  • 13.pdf Technology Survey
  • 14.pdf My Savings Goals
  • 15.pdf Back-to-School Spending Plan
  • 16.pdf Cash, Plastic, Cell Checklist
  • 17.pdf Creating Counter Rhythms
  • 18.pdf Turn Back the Clock
  • 19.pdf Family Gift-Giving Resolution
  • 20.pdf You’re Invited

Family Money Talks

A fun and thought-provoking resource is designed as a springboard for youth and adults to think and talk about money and values throughout the year. An excellent tool for use at meals, during car trips, on vacations and at family gatherings – including those with Grandma and Grandpa!

Mind Your Money

Designed to help adults, whether single or a couple, think and talk about the choices they make with their money – an essential first step in the journey to financial success. Healthy money habits start with a conversation. It is filled with 101 relevant and engaging discussion starters to help adults learn new money skills, articulate money values and build their financial vocabulary. This fun and easy-to-use resource is an excellent tool for students, couples, employees, friends, and family.

All materials are available to purchase at