Peer Ministry Leadership

Because youth are either leading or they are leaving.


  • Leading in your congregation
  • Leading in your community
  • Leading in households
  • Leading in friendships
  • Leading every day, everywhere, and in every relationship

Peer Ministry Leadership is Good Samaritan Leadership, helping you develop caring, welcoming, and affirming skills to build everyday, everywhere relationships:

  • Observant: Is alert to the needs of others
  • Takes Action: Uses skills and confidence led by a compassionate heart
  • Improbable: Welcomes and cares even when feeling inadequate and unlikely
  • Comes Close: Listens patiently and explores real needs
  • Sacrifice: Willing to risk group security to give help
  • Crosses Barriers: Gives help to others no matter their clique, color or creed
  • Seeks Help: Guides others to “inn keepers,” people who can help

Instead of preaching or teaching it, we give the skills to live it through our coaching and training sessions.

Peer Ministry Training helps youth to respond to the real needs of teens today. With the necessary skills learned in the training, these young people are finding ways to change the world in a positive way.
Bill Casey, Archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis

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