Pulpit Supply List

The following is a listing of pastors, associates in ministry and lay persons who are interested in doing supply preaching in the Northwestern Minnesota Synod. The list includes the names of both ordained pastors and lay persons who have made themselves available for supply worship/preaching.

Congregations are strongly encouraged to secure ordained pastors for worship services that include the celebration of Holy Communion; this involves careful advanced planning.

Under ELCA policies, a synodical bishop occasionally authorizes lay persons to offer Word and Sacrament ministry in settings where an ordained pastor may not be available over an extended period of time (this is called Synodically Authorized Ministry—abbreviated SAM).

ELCA policies do not authorize synodical bishops to grant permission to lay persons to preside at services of Word and Sacrament on a “one-time” basis. If you have a question about this, please contact the bishop’s office for further information.

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