Resources For Congregation Administration

Preparation, organization, and other administrative duties are crucial for effective programs and mission in a congregation.

HIPAA and the Retention of Insurance Policies

Periodically the bishop and members of the synod staff hear various concerns expressed about risk management issues in congregations. Here are a few resources on these topics.

Model Constitution for Congregations

The 2016 ELCA Churchwide Assembly approved several amendments to the Model Constitution for Congregations. These amendments need to be added to your constitution and approved by a simple majority vote of those voting members present and voting at any legally called meeting of the congregation, provided the congregation council has submitted by mail notice to the congregation of such amendments, together with the council’s recommendations, at least 30 days prior to the meeting.

State and Federal Employment Laws for Congregations

Religious organizations are not immune from being sued, and must understand how the various state and federal laws regulating employment practices apply, or do not apply, to them.

Synod Assembly Voting Members Chart

The number of lay voting members is based on the guidelines shown below. Equal representation should be made between male and female (i.e., 5 voting members should include at least 2 male and 2 female).