Resources For Congregational Ministry

Resources for church lay leaders and congregational life.

Money Meaning and Faith

The Money, Meaning and Faith Event on Oct. 26th was just the beginning of our synod’s lifting up the resources of Nathan Dungan and his organization Share, Save, Spend. These resources are powerful tools for congregational groups, youth and family ministries, parents and households.

Multiple Point Parish Resource

Rev. John Ragan’s PowerPoint presentation, “Attitudes, Beliefs & Behavior Patterns of Missional STaR Congregations”, may be used by congregations or parishes for use in training leaders and members.

Re-Rooting in God’s Mission

Re-rooting in God’s Mission is a renewal journey and process for congregations seeking to move from maintenance to mission and from survival to striving. equipping events will revolve around listening to God through prayer, scripture, each other and our neighbors, and three key ingredients for congregational renewal identified by a major study by the ELCA research unit.

Reflections After the 2009 Churchwide Assembly

Bishop Larry Wohlrabe has posted two new pieces on his Personal Blog, both designed to help folks who are struggling with decisions of the Churchwide Assembly.

Reflections on the ELCA Churchwide Assembly and the Bible

If there is one rule we need to follow in the wake of the ELCA Churchwide Assembly, it is this: Do not break the eighth commandment (against false witness) in order to defend the sixth (against adultery and other sexual sins). In light of some implied (and explicit) attacks on the decision, however, it is also necessary to make one thing clear. The change in policy was grounded in Scripture.

Resources for Stewardship Ministry

Links and resources presented by Chick Lane at the 2013 Spring Stewardship Event “Finding and Using Good Stewardship Resources for your Ministry Setting.”

Resources for Vitality and Renewal

The tools and resources are always being updated and enhanced by what is learned from each congregation’s utilization of them. The following resources and tools are based strongly on the premise that each congregation – no matter the size or location within our synod – is gifted by God to participate in God’s mission of […]

Sharing the Story

Nineteen members and friends of the NW MN Synod traveled in our companion synod, the Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church (AELC) of southern India, Nov. 2-17, 2012. They are eager to share their experiences with the people, organizations and congregations of the NW MN Synod.

Staying Connected with Ministry Partners

Cultivating relationships of mutual support and encouragement are central to our Christian faith. The Essential Mission Partner Connections are designed to help nurture a sense of connection and solidarity between mission congregations and their partners.

Stewardship Resources

We wish to share the following ideas, resources, and practices to assist communities of faith and followers of Jesus within those communities of faith to deepen their joy in discipleship through practices of good stewardship of all of God’s gifts so that all may have life and have life abundantly.