Resources For Rostered Ministers

Annual Meeting Resources, Reports, and Forms

Documents and tips to help your annual meeting run smoothly. Also included are reports for your congregation to fill out and send to the Synod Office following decisions made at your annual meeting.

Board of Pension Forms

On the link below will find many of the forms you may need to manage your Portico (ELCA Board of Pensions) benefits, including: End of Call Form, Change of Call Form, and BOP Application for membership.

Calling a Synodically Authorized Lay Minister (SAM)

Congregations are asked to provide your understanding of the person named above who has been identified and seeks to apply for the position of non-rostered Synodically Authorized Ministry in the Northwestern Minnesota Synod. Includes application forms, guidelines, and contact for non-rostered lay ministers.

Claimed, Gathered, Sent: A Guide for Conversation

Claimed, Gathered, Sent: A Guide For Conversation includes this leader guide and five handouts, each outlining a process for conversation. The first four handouts focus on one of the emphases Presiding Bishop Eaton has identified for the ELCA: We are church, we are Lutheran, we are church together, we are church for the sake of the world.

Clergy ID Cards

Clergy/Aim/Diaconal Minister ID cards are available at the synod office. If you would like a card, please contact the synod office.

Clergy Taxes

Includes clergy tax tips and IRS guidelines such as exemption for self employment tax, housing allowances, and parish alignments.

Compensation Guidelines

These guidelines offer guidance regarding the minimum levels of compensation that are appropriate for pastors, rostered lay leaders, Synodically Authorized Ministers and non-rostered employees of congregations in the synod. These guidelines are designed to be a resource to assist church leaders in compensating church workers in ways that are fair, supportive and mission-driven.

Five Gifts of Discipleship This link directs you to several Faith Practices resources that might be useful for your ministry setting as you strive to create followers of Christ who are committed to growing in faith, love and obedience to God’s will.  The “Five Gifts of Discipleship” resources highlight the current Faith Practices of the Evangelical Lutheran Church […]

Guide to the Ministry Site Profile (MSP)

The MSP is meant to be a conversation starter or introduction to the life and work of your ministry site. It is not intended to be an exhaustive description of every aspect of your ministry. Focus on the key things that describe your ministry site in order to pique the interest of prospective candidates for call.

Guide to the Rostered Minister Profile (RMP)

The RLP and other forms that rostered leaders will need can be found at Call Process Online ( Instructions on how to create an online account, fill out the web-based forms and submit them electronically are given below. The information from your submitted RLP is stored in the Mobility Database System which makes it possible for RLPs to be sorted, studied, searched and shared in a quick and efficient manner.