Resources For Rostered Ministers

Guidelines for Writing Synod Assembly Resolutions

The following information will help you prepare resolutions for consideration at the assembly.

HIPAA and the Retention of Insurance Policies

Periodically the bishop and members of the synod staff hear various concerns expressed about risk management issues in congregations. Here are a few resources on these topics.

IRS Mileage Rates

The current IRS mileage reimbursement rate, based on actual miles driven and reported by the pastor using his/her personal vehicle for business, medical, moving, and charitable work, should be used by congregations. Congregations are advised to stay abreast of current IRS regulations pertaining to auto expense reimbursement rates.


Pastor-2-Pastor is part colleague group and part continuing education event for rostered leaders of Eastern North Dakota and Northwestern Minnesota focused on the support and wellness of our rostered leadership. Join us at Concordia College as we take part in 24-hour continuing education events with a variety of speakers two times each year. Continue to connect with your colleagues for times of mutual prayer and support in monthly colleague groups.

Pulpit Supply List

A listing of pastors, associates in ministry, and lay persons who are interested in doing supply preaching in the Northwestern Minnesota Synod. 

Request for On-Leave from Call

A rostered person wishing to continue On-Leave from Call (OLC) status beyond 3 years, must make such a request in writing a minimum of 6 months before the completion of 3 years OLC status.

Rostered Leader Retirement Forms

Retirement forms and policies for rostered leaders.

Sabbatical Guidelines

All persons in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America engage in a holistic and systemic approach to life-long learning and development. For rostered persons, this includes extended study and renewal of a minimum of one to three months every three to five years in present call. For rostered persons involved in the First Call Theological Education program, this three to five year period begins upon completion of that program.

Sustaining Rural Ministry Program

Seminary costs are currently $20,000 to $30,000 per year at ELCA seminaries. The average debt accumulation for current seminary students is more than $40,000. This grant program helps relieve the seminary debt for newly graduated pastors called to serve in the Northwestern Minnesota Synod.

Text Studies

Locations and times for Bible and lectionary studies/meetings for pastors and lay leaders throughout the NWMN Synod.