Resources For Rostered Ministers

The Bishop’s Monthly Study

Our monthly Bible studies for 2016 will focus on the faith practice of fearlessly and lovingly speaking the truth—in the face of all our propensities toward denying reality, sidestepping the obvious, and “stuffing” our feelings. The Scriptures are continually revealing truth and love at the crossroads of our life within the body of Christ.

The Revised Common Lectionary

The Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) provides a three-year plan for Sunday readings starting with the season of Advent, four weeks before Christmas day. For each Sunday and festival, four readings are suggested and include: a Gospel reading, an Old Testament reading, a reading from the Psalms, and a New Testament reading.

Vibrant Faith

Vibrant Faith equips congregations, households and individuals to live a vibrant faith in Jesus Christ and share the Christian faith among all generations. They offer Biblically grounded and research-based training designed to inspire, energize and equip leaders, parents, pastors, the spiritually curious, youth workers and other caring adults.