Resources for Stewardship Ministry

Presented by Chick Lane at the 2013 Spring Stewardship Event “Finding and Using Good Stewardship Resources for your Ministry Setting.”  

Spring is a great time for planning year round stewardship and planning for fall financial stewardship response programs. Below are links and resources for Holistic Year-Round Stewardship; books to use with your stewardship committee, congregation council or for broader congregational use; annual stewardship response programs, generational issues regarding stewardship, general stewardship resource web sites and more.

PowerPoint Slides

Available for congregational stewardship leader use is Chick Lanes entire power point presentation at the recent Spring Stewardship events in Detroit Lakes and Red Lake Falls, available in .pdf format.

  • Download: PDF

Bible Resources

Holistic Year-Round Stewardship

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Annual Stewardship Response Programsimg-elcaeo1012


Generational Issues

Stewardship Websites