Resources For WELCA / SWO

Resources, forms, and documents for WELCA/SWO events and groups.

Daily Grace

Daily Grace is an on-the-go companion for your journey, offering a faith reflection every day. Download the iPhone app or subscribe to the email newsletter.

Living a Life of Daily Bread

A reflection on the phrase “Give us this day our daily bread” that explores what you can learn about by baking bread: patience, community, how to be intentional and attentive, and the joy that comes from wide-eyed anticipation. Can easily be used as a one-day retreat, complete with bread-baking!

Seeing Your Life as the Living Word

How using biblical stories and images to view your own spiritual journey can help you share that journey with others. May your faith story be a source of this strength, healing and hope for others.

The Bishop’s Monthly Study

Our monthly Bible studies for 2016 will focus on the faith practice of fearlessly and lovingly speaking the truth—in the face of all our propensities toward denying reality, sidestepping the obvious, and “stuffing” our feelings. The Scriptures are continually revealing truth and love at the crossroads of our life within the body of Christ.


WELCA and SWO forms including the convention resolution form, nomination form, yearly project tally and congregational WELCA information form.