Stewardship Resources

The Stewards Table seeks to live out this vision for the sake of God’s Mission in the Northwestern Minnesota Synod:

The Stewards Table seeks to develop and nurture a liberating culture of stewardship within the NW MN Synod and its congregations by creating and promoting opportunities for people throughout the synod to deepen their understanding of their call to live the best life God seeks to give them as stewards of all God’s good gifts.

In order to encourage greater stewardship awareness and practice of stewardship among followers of Jesus in the NWMN Synod, a group of folks from around the synod gathers regularly to consider ways promote good stewardship awareness and practices. This group is fluid in participation and is open to all who are interested in helping to promote stewardship awareness and participation in the synod.

We wish to share the following ideas, resources, and practices to assist communities of faith and followers of Jesus within those communities of faith to deepen their joy in discipleship through practices of good stewardship of all of God’s gifts so that all may have life and have life abundantly.

What is Stewardship?

What’s the #1 stewardship resource regardless of your ministry setting?
The Bible.

What does it say about stewardship?
It all belongs to God.

Ultimately stewardship is about each disciple of Jesus becoming more aware of all of God’s gifts and how God is calling forth new life in them and the same with a community of Christians; a process over time that is about spiritual renewal or awakening.

As we are growing in faith, at any point in time there are a number of practical practices that can assist in this walk of faith that involves stewardship of our lives with God and our use of all the time, talents and treasure that belongs to God and is in our care.

What does the Stewards Table do?

Working through this table, the NWMN Synod seeks to live out this vision in the following ways:

Synod Stewardship Events

stewards-of-gods-love-463x600Fall – Focused on our use of money as individuals and as congregations and together as we provide mission support funds for our ministry together as the Northwestern Minnesota Synod and as our whole ELCA.

Spring – Focused on practical ideas for year round stewardship in the congregation, that lifts of many different types of stewardship (earth-care, health, time, personal gifts, food, money etc.). The Spring events use a stewardship framework and ideas from the ELCA publication Stewards of God’s Love, A year-round guide to stewardship in your congregation.

Special Events – Special events may be scheduled in addition to the annual Fall and Spring Stewardship Events.

Annual Synod Forward Together Appeal

Forward Together invites individuals to make “second mile” gifts directly to our synod so that we achieve the goals of our synod mission plan and provide extra support for designated synod partners or ministries.

Stewardship Consultation Services

Through providing Stewardship Consultation services to congregations or clusters of congregations by synod staff and stewardship volunteer leaders such as:

  • Macedonia Project Good Stewardship Conversation leaders
  • Personal general stewardship and mission support consultations
  • Ventures in Growing Stewards in depth Stewardship Education process

Developing Stewardship Communicators

Steward Communicators work within congregations to advocate for and communicate stewardship ministry in their congregations.

Providing Stewardship Material Resources

Check out the websites below for our featured resources. We also provide occasional packets of stewardship resources for congregations.

See our Stewardship Resource page for more resources and links…

Developing Mission Interpreters

Mission-Interpretation-Table-600x218A mission interpreter is a follower of Jesus Christ whom God calls and equips to draw attention to what God is doing in the world and in the church. A mission interpreter expresses gratitude, tells what is happening, and invites participation in God’s mission. The specific task of mission interpreters is to make visits to congregational councils during the autumn months.

Learn more and find training events…

Ongoing Emphasis Areas

Encouraging Congregational Mission Support

The annual financial giving of congregations through their budgets that supports our mission together as the whole Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and our Northwestern Minnesota Synod.


Creation Care

We are called by God to “keep the earth” (Genesis 2:15). See the ELCA website for  are resources and educational materials.

Encouraging Education and Discernment

Education in individual and household attitudes and practices related to the use of money using the model of Share, Save, Spend. See tips and stewardship thoughts at


If your congregation is interested in any of these services or resources, or just want more information, contact Rev. Paul J. Erdal, assistant to the bishop for stewardship, at 218-299-3019 or