Resources For The Call Process

Background Checks

Information and forms for congregations related to background checks.

Calling a Pastor

Sample forms, contracts, and letter of call documents for congregations calling ordained clergy. Also includes sample RLP forms for clergy.

Calling a Synodically Authorized Lay Minister (SAM)

Congregations are asked to provide your understanding of the person named above who has been identified and seeks to apply for the position of non-rostered Synodically Authorized Ministry in the Northwestern Minnesota Synod. Includes application forms, guidelines, and contact for non-rostered lay ministers.

Calling an Interim Pastor

This model interim ministry contract may be altered or revised to fit the particular practices of the congregation or the circumstances of the pastor.

Guide to the Ministry Site Profile (MSP)

The MSP is meant to be a conversation starter or introduction to the life and work of your ministry site. It is not intended to be an exhaustive description of every aspect of your ministry. Focus on the key things that describe your ministry site in order to pique the interest of prospective candidates for call.

Guide to the Rostered Minister Profile (RMP)

The RLP and other forms that rostered leaders will need can be found at Call Process Online ( Instructions on how to create an online account, fill out the web-based forms and submit them electronically are given below. The information from your submitted RLP is stored in the Mobility Database System which makes it possible for RLPs to be sorted, studied, searched and shared in a quick and efficient manner.

List of Current Call Processes

A list of all current call processes and the stage in which they are at.

Request for On-Leave from Call

A rostered person wishing to continue On-Leave from Call (OLC) status beyond 3 years, must make such a request in writing a minimum of 6 months before the completion of 3 years OLC status.

Rostered Leader Retirement Forms

Retirement forms and policies for rostered leaders.