Fostering Vibrant Faith

Fostering Vibrant Faith in our homes, congregations and communities

A year-three venture (2014-2017) of the Northwestern Minnesota Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

O Christ, yourself a child within an earthly home, With heart still undefiled to full adulthood come: Our children bless in ev’ry place That they may all behold your face And, knowing you, may grow in grace.
ELW 640

Vibrant-Faith-Logo-Long-no-tag-600x180Below you’ll find information to make a thoughtful, faithful decision regarding a new venture for our synod—Fostering Vibrant Faith. This three-year effort, approved at the 2014 Synod Assembly, is designed to help congregations pass on Christian faith to all the children God has entrusted to our care. Now your congregation is invited to step forward and decide how you might wish to participate in this exciting adventure, in partnership with the staff of Vibrant Faith.

At the heart of Fostering Vibrant Faith is the conviction that congregations’ most critical work is to equip caring adults (parents, grandparents, godparents, etc.) to exercise their vocation in homes and other circles of care, fulfilling the promises they make to the newly baptized in the rite of Holy Baptism. The Vibrant Faith Frame challenges us to move away from assuming that faith formation is solely “the congregation’s job” and toward recovering the crucial role of homes and other circles of daily care in nurturing faith.

Get Involved

Our current priority is to seek out other congregations or parishes ready to be IMMERSED churches—especially in Conferences 2, 4, 5 or 6, and 9.

Please share this information with your Congregation Council and other congregational leadership groups responsible for passing on Christian Faith to the next generation. Ask your key congregational leaders to learn and pray about Fostering Vibrant Faith—and to consider ways to get your congregation involved as an Immersed, Involved or Inquiring congregation.

If you have questions that aren’t addressed in the documents below, contact Bishop Larry Wohlrabe. We want your congregation to make an informed, faithful decision about how you will be part of Fostering Vibrant Faith.

Training Events

Vibrant Faith Training Eventsnine of them!—will be offered throughout our synod. Now’s the time to get on board!  See the sidebar for all upcoming events. Currently we are focusing on the spring 2015 and autumn 2015 VFM training events. So please, let the synod office know ASAP if your parish is “ready, willing and able” to be an IMMERSED church!

Financial Support

fostering-vibrant-faith-250x230Under the terms of the Vibrant Faith resolution passed at our May 2014 synod assembly, the synod is seeking to raise roughly 40% of the cost of this project (the other 60% to be borne by the congregations that participate).

We are still in the early stages of fund-raising, but we are happy to report that (as of September 1, 2014)

  • thus far the synod has received $3,325.00 in donations from seven individuals/households
  • the synod also has pending grant applications with the ELCA Congregational and Synodical Mission (CSM) unit and the board of the Trinity Foundation, Trinity Lutheran Church of Moorhead

If you or someone you know (including individuals or organizations) are interested in supporting this project financially, please contact Bp. Larry Wohlrabe.