Synod Assembly

June 9-10, 2017
Concordia College – Moorhead, MN

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Registration for the 2017 Synod Assembly will be done online. To register for the Assembly, click here.

Housing for the 2017 Synod Assembly is completed through a separate form. To register for housing, click here.

For complete information regarding registration fees this year, please see the Registration Rights & Fees document.

Pre-assembly Materials

2017 Synod Assembly Agenda

Presiding Bishop Eaton’s Letter to the Synod Assembly

Growth Group Descriptions – Coming Soon!

NWMN Compensation Guidelines Word and Sacrament with Parsonage

NWMN Compensation Guidelines Word and Sacrament with Housing Allowance

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NWMN Compensation Guidelines Lay Church Workers

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Bishop’s Report

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Fiscal Proposal 2017-2018

Financial Statement – Auditor Report – Coming Soon!

Report on Implementation of 2016 Synod Assembly Resolutions

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2017 Synod Assembly Elections Sample Ballot

2017 Biographical Information Election Nominees-Synod Council

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Keynote Speaker: Dr. Mark D. Tranvik

Mark Tranvik is Professor of Religion at Augsburg College and chair of the religion department. He is also a Minster of Word and Sacrament in the ELCA. His area of specialty is the Lutheran Reformation. He recently translated a study edition of Martin Luther’s
The Freedom of a Christian (Fortress Press, 2008).




Churchwide Representative: Molly Beck Dean

Molly Beck Dean is currently serving as the Director of the ELCA Youth Gathering, a ministry that gathers 30,000 high school teans and their adult leaders every three years. A graduate of Concordia College (’02) and former staff member of the Northwestern Minnesota Synod, Molly Beck Dean came into her role in late 2014. Not only will she present the Churchwide Report to the Synod Assembly, but will also present an opportunity to learn more about the 2018 ELCA Youth Gathering in Houston, TX.