About the NWMN Synod of the ELCA

ELCA-Region-3The Northwestern Minnesota Synod (NWMN) is Region 3D synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA). It is large geographically, diverse in its culture and educational background, economically challenged but rich in resources and people.

What is a Synod?

The word “synod” comes from two Greek words “syn” (together) and “hodos” (a way). So synod is “a way together” or “walking together”. “Together” is an important idea for understanding Christianity and the Church.

  • Christians are joined to the Church through baptism into Christ
  • The Christian Church is understood as “the Body of Christ” with individual parts that all contribute to the whole

Broadly speaking, our synod helps congregations do together what they can’t do alone. Much of this work falls under two vital areas:

  • Support and development of pastors and lay leaders for their congregational ministry.
  • Extending and coordinating ministry beyond the local setting.

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Facts and Statistics

Statistics about our Synod: Members, congregations, leaders, and conferences.

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Our Purpose

The synod is the hands and feet of God’s mission. We have a heart for God’s Mission to redeem creation: to serve God’s mission by focusing its entire life on calling, raising up, forming in faith and spiritual leadership and sending the next generation of disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. What difference does synod ministry make?

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Our Mission Field

Our “mission field” is right outside our front door. Every member of the synod is a missionary. Our challenge is to reclaim the Christian practice of sharing our faith in both word and deed. We can no longer expect the unchurched to come to us through the front doors of our sanctuaries, we must go to them. Learn about our Synod’s geography and people.

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